Cue The Benny Hill Theme

An own goal that even cracked the guilty Danish defender up, and a pounced-on shot off the post that by all rights should have been cleared to the other end. That was the extent of offensive brilliance in the Netherlands’ 2-0 win over Denmark–a match in which a 0-0 (read “nothing nothing”) would have been a truer reflection of the …

Vuvuzela: Call It This Cup’s Atmospherics

Well, that was fast. Even before the fourth day of World Cup play had commenced, mobs were forming around the globe aiming to get rid of what’s thus far been this tournament’s most noticeable and unique feature: the blaring vuvuzela.

Let The Cussing Begin!

We all saw reports Wednesday that the trio of Brazilian referees officiating the England-USA match Saturday are memorizing a list of 20 swear words in order to sanction any foul mouthing like the kind Wayne Rooney dished out during his team’s final practice match Monday. Today, FIFA stepped up to point out it wasn’t responsible for the …

France’s World Cup: “Can We Go Home Now?”

Don’t tell the French this World Cup isn’t all over for them before it even starts. Suggesting otherwise is largely brushed off on Planet France–the largest consuming nation of tranquilizers and anti-depressants anywhere. Right now, optimism is mostly seen as merely forestalling the soccer agony that fate has in store for l’equipe de

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