Top 10 Disgraced Athletes

Baseball star Roger Clemens was just acquitted of all charges of lying to Congress about using performance-enhancing drugs during his 23-second career. Although he walks away with a not guilty verdict, Clemens’s reputation was …

Why Sports in LA Are in Disarray

Major League Baseball is taking over the Dodgers. Pro football is a distant memory, and the Clippers are a joke. What is it about the the country’s second-largest market that makes it the top sporting disaster area?

NFL Players and Safety: A Super Bowl of Hypocrisy

Chicago’s Jay Cutler stood forlornly on the sideline Sunday afternoon, watching his Bears and a third-string replacement named Caleb Hanie lose, 21-14, to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game. The criticism about …

Surprise! Cliff Lee Heading Back to Philly

The most pessimistic group of sports fans on the planet – those who cheer for Philadelphia sports teams – now have an unexpected reason to be delirious. In one of the most surprising off-season moves in recent baseball history, …

Why Did We Take Brett Favre’s Streak for Granted?

The guy on the sideline, with the beanie and gray stubble, at times looked bored, and at other times happy he wasn’t the one out there getting pounded on the football field. Now that Brett Favre’s streak of starting 297 straight …

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