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LeBron James Takes Bad Decisions To Twitter, Blasts Cavs

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REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk

As if the Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t in pathetic enough shape – the team is 8-30, has dropped 21 of its last 22 games, and lost by 55 points to the Los Angeles Lakers Tuesday night – now their former franchise star is piling on. After the Cleveland’s humiliating 112-57 loss to the Lakers, LeBron James wrote, via Twitter: “Crazy. Karma is a b****. Gets you every time. It’s not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”

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Oh, my. LeBron, we all know you have good reason to be bitter at Cleveland. After you left the city for Miami this summer, in a quite undignified, egotistical national television announcement, by the way, jilted Cavs fans probably went over the line. They burned your jerseys. They dissed your mom. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert fired off this nutty rant after you headed to South Beach in July: I personally guarantee that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA Championship before the self-titled former ‘king’ wins one.”

Clearly, your former boss is a delusional. But why take the low road now? We are all starting to get past this “Decision” mess, and appreciate how your new team, now 30-9, is starting to morph into a championship threat. You’re playing great basketball. After your first game in Cleveland, in December, when you scored 38 points in just three quarters during Miami’s 118-90 rout of the Cavs, you didn’t gloat amidst all the venom thrown your way.

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This tweet was just a bad decision. Your original “Decision,” on ESPN, really smashed the popularity you acquired so naturally. In light of that debacle, not even your biggest fans want to hear you say, “Nah nah nah nah nah nah!” to Cleveland. No one likes that kid in the schoolyard.

Your critics will now hate you even more. You might not care, and that’s fine. But just think about the meaning of your tweet. “Karma is b—–. Gets you every time.” Why wouldn’t it now come after you?