Quiz: Are You An Expert On the Sochi Olympics?

Test your memory of the characters, highlights and moments that made up the Games

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From Team USA’s nail-biter against the Russian hockey team, to Bob Costas’s infected eye, the 2014 Winter Olympic was full of memorable moments on and off the slopes.

But how closely were you watching? Do you remember how many medals the Dutch speedskaters won, or how many doors American Johnny Quinn had to break through at the games? Take this test and find out how much of an Olympic expert you are.

1. Who was the first gold medalist of the Olympic Games for Team USA? [Answer here]

2. The German prince, polyglot and pop star Hubertus von Hohenlohe who has been dubbed the real-life most interesting man in the world skied in men’s alpine slalom, but didn’t medal. Which country did he compete for in 2010 and 2014? (Hint: it’s not Germany.) [Answer here]

3. Shaun White placed fourth in snowboarding half pipe. Which country won gold? [Answer here]

4. Johnny Quinn made headlines by breaking through a faulty door in Sochi’s scrappily-built accommodations. Which sport did he compete in? [Answer here]

5. Photos of the Olympic skier Jacky Chamoun posing topless in the snow resurfaced during the games. The risqué photoshoot prompted an investigation by which country’s Olympic committee? [Answer here]

6. When Russian Anton Gafarov crashed hard and broke a ski during the finals of the cross-country skiing sprint, the chivalrous ski coach Justin Wadsworth helped the struggling skier put on a new ski. Where does Wadsworth hail from? [Answer here]

7. How many days did NBC reporter Bob Costas miss in the studio during the Olympic Games due to an eye infection? [Answer here]

8. Which sports clothing company was at first blamed for the Americans’ failure to win even one medal in speedskating for the first time since 1984? [Answer here]

9. American skier Bode Miller, 36, missed the podium in two events, but after rebounding and winning bronze he broke down in tears in front of the cameras. Which event did he medal in? [Answer here]

10. Russian figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko helped his team win gold in the team figure skating competition, but dropped out of the individual medal event due to an injury to which part of his body? [Answer here]