USOC: Under Armour Suits Not to Blame for U.S.’s Poor Speedskating

The U.S. has failed to win any medals in a sport it usually dominates

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The U.S. Olympic Committee does not suspect Under Armour suits have been a factor in the U.S. team’s poor showing in speedskating at the Winter Games, but said in a statement Tuesday it will “leave no stone unturned” in reviewing U.S. skaters’ performances.

“Given our history of strong performances in speedskating, we are disappointed not to have had a podium finish to date in Sochi,” USOC CEO Scott Blackmun said in a statement to USA Today. “After the Games, we will work side by side with US Speedskating to understand how we might better support our athletes … we do not believe the suits were the problem.”

Over the past three Olympics, American speedskaters have won a combined 19 medals, but the U.S. team has yet to win any medals at the eight speedskating events that have been held thus far in Sochi.

U.S. speedskaters started the Olympics wearing Under Armour’s new Mach 39 suit, which the company had promoted as the fastest suits in the world for the sport. At least one skater said the high-tech suits were affecting the team’s performance.

The team has switched to an older Under Armour suit, although the change has yet to result in more medals.

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