Colts Punter Tweets Naked Photo of Andrew Luck

Talk about un-Luck-y timing

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Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck made one of the best plays of the NFL wildcard round, recovering a fumble by his running back and leaping into the end zone for a touchdown. But after the dust settled from the Colts’¬†45-44 playoff win over Kansas City, the enduring image of Luck, on Twitter at least, may be an awkward, naked photo bomb from the team’s locker room.

After the game, punter Pat McAfee snapped a photo of the jubilant locker room. There was only one problem: He accidentally caught Luck in the background with no clothes on, his privates just obscured by someone standing nearby. McAfee has since deleted the photo, but several Colts fans re-tweeted the post:

McAfee was quick to apologize for for the un-Luck-y photobomb:

The Colts will travel to Massachusetts next Saturday to play the New England Patriots in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.