The Shame of Manny Ramirez

One of baseball’s all-time talents retires from the game, under a cloud of suspicion. Why fans may hold all his antics against him

Put the Stats Geeks in the Game!

Sports teams are using more analytics then ever to value players, assess trades and make roster decisions. But why couldn’t the number crunchers move from the front office to the front lines, as in-game coaches and advisers?

Surprise! Cliff Lee Heading Back to Philly

The most pessimistic group of sports fans on the planet – those who cheer for Philadelphia sports teams – now have an unexpected reason to be delirious. In one of the most surprising off-season moves in recent baseball history, …

Damn Yankees Aren’t Dead Yet

Wednesday afternoon’s fifth game of American League Championship Series seemed destined to be the day in which the Texas Rangers, that anemic franchise which started in D.C. and moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, only to …

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