A Final Goodbye for Two Yankee Greats

An almost eerie quiet came over Yankee Stadium Friday night, before the New York Yankees hosted the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to kick off the second half of the baseball season for both teams.

Top 10 Worst MLB All-Stars

Clueless fans are to blame for the All-Star Game selection of some of these B-teamers, while others benefited from baseball’s requirement that each club supply a warm body. Here are the players who prove that to make baseball’s …

Top 10 World Series Moments

From flawless pitching performances to titanic home runs (and a misplayed ground ball), TIME has your bases covered on this tour of October’s greatest moments

The Evolution of Roger Clemens

The greatest pitcher of all-time? Or baseball’s greatest disappointment? We always thought Roger Clemens was a dominant player into his 40s because, well, he just wanted it more than everyone else. But did Clemens’ competitive …

Historic Home Runs

Barry Bonds made history Aug. 7 when hit his 756th home run, shattering Hank Aaron’s longstanding record. Here’s a look at other famous home runs in history, the lucky fans who caught them and where the ball ultimately ended up

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