Top 10 Disgraced Athletes

Baseball star Roger Clemens was just acquitted of all charges of lying to Congress about using performance-enhancing drugs during his 23-second career. Although he walks away with a not guilty verdict, Clemens’s reputation was …

Why Sports in LA Are in Disarray

Major League Baseball is taking over the Dodgers. Pro football is a distant memory, and the Clippers are a joke. What is it about the the country’s second-largest market that makes it the top sporting disaster area?

NFL Players and Safety: A Super Bowl of Hypocrisy

Chicago’s Jay Cutler stood forlornly on the sideline Sunday afternoon, watching his Bears and a third-string replacement named Caleb Hanie lose, 21-14, to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game. The criticism about …

Surprise! Cliff Lee Heading Back to Philly

The most pessimistic group of sports fans on the planet – those who cheer for Philadelphia sports teams – now have an unexpected reason to be delirious. In one of the most surprising off-season moves in recent baseball history, …

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