Miss of the Day

Probably best to leave post-match analysis of last night’s England vs U.S. game to the others (I don’t want to hog all the England chat just because I’m English) but simply had to share this with you all.

At the Barstool, Measuring Argentina’s Angst

No country entered this World Cup more stressed out than two-time champ Argentina, home to arguably the best player on the planet, Lionel Messi. The team failed to impress during the qualifying season, and many Argentinians have questioned the qualifications of their coach, Diego Maradona, a national hero, and headache. Maradona, whose …

The U.S. and England Go To War

Dispensing with the customary platitudes that swirl around the World Cup — of how it unites and knits together disparate peoples — the famous Dutch coach Rinus Michels once likened football with “something like war,” a challenge that required thinking of your opponent as the consummate enemy. The English and Americans have a longer

Day 2 World Cup Predictions

South Korea vs. Greece

Probably not destined to be a classic, these are two sides with the resources to cancel one another out, both having learned to prioritize a disciplined, defensive work ethic to compensate for their limited attacking power. In that respect, though, without having watched either team lately, I’m inclined to give …

France Sabotaged, Again, By Its Coach

There’s something quite obviously perverse about the French football authorities. Mindful of the fact that pretty much all of the nation’s football fans — and more importantly, pretty much all of its football players — believe (with very good reason) that coach Raymond Domenech is an incorrigible idiot, they have finally agreed to …

The World Cup In 3D: Right Idea, Wrong Sport?

Today marked the highly anticipated debut of ESPN’s 3D network, with the South Africa-Mexico World Cup opener the first event televised by the fledgling channel. Over the past few years, every sports executive who fancies himself a futurist has been claiming that 3D TV will shake up the way we watch the games. Since I’m not quite ready …

Let’s drop the niceties: that was NOT a great start to the Cup

With all due apologies to my fellow-blogger Tony Karon and 50 million other South Africans, that a pretty lame start to the tournament.

I know, I know: we’re all meant to celebrate the first game, to be happy for the host nation, to make allowances for the fact that first games are often ties… But set aide these niceties for a moment, …

Not Too Shabby

Happy to swallow my prediction (0-1 to Mexico) along with the boerewors roll I got at Madiba’s, Brooklyn’s South African watering hole where the scene vaguely recalled that vignette in Joseph O’Neill’s fabulous New York praise poem, Netherland:

It was on Coney Island Avenue, on a subsequent occasion, that Chuck and I came upon a bunch

Live Blog: South Africa vs. Mexico

Welcome to what feels like the most eagerly awaited day in the history of football: June 11, 2010 heralds the kick off on the 19th World Cup. The first to be held on African soil, if you needed reminded. TIME’s World Cup blog will be keeping you updated on all the events taking place at the opening ceremony and that first match between …

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