A smart new way to deal with (some of) the homeless

The standard liberal approach to urban homelessness is creating an expensive and ongoing ad hoc entitlement: more and better government-run shelters, more government-subsidized housing. The standard conservative approach to urban homelessness: spending as close to nothing as possible, and try not to think about it.

Which is why the

Deciding is easy, but doing is hard

The problem with the reset metaphor — the idea of pushing a “reset button” — is its implication that the excesses and madness and dysfunction in our complex economic systems can be fixed easily.

There’s no question that at the highest levels, executive pay has gotten badly out of whack, and was symptomatic of the bon temps rouler

Top 10 Fringe World Titles

With the 7th annual Rock Paper Scissors World Championship playing out Oct. 25 in Toronto, TIME takes a look at some of the strangest championships in the wide world of sports

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