LeBron’s Heat Debut: Lukewarm

NBA fans, repeat after me: the Boston Celtics have four All-Stars, and Shaq. The Boston Celtics have four All-Stars, and Shaq. The Boston Celtics have four All-Stars . . . and friggin’ Shaq.

Top 10 Blown Calls

It was the perfect game that wasn’t. Umpire Jim Joyce mistakenly ruined Armando Galarraga’s perfect game with a bad call. TIME takes a look at other refs who changed the course of sports history with bad calls

Hey, NBA, Whatever Happened to Game 7?

Ah, Lakers-Celtics. The matchup between the two dynastic franchises from Los Angeles and Boston, who will be squaring off in the NBA Finals for the 12th time, brings back so many memories.

Top 10 Michael Jordan Moments

As Michael Jordan takes his proper place in the Basketball Hall of Fame on Sept. 11, TIME looks back at the moments that made him one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century

Top 10 Sports Comebacks

Michael Vick went from playing quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons to serving time on dogfighting charges. But now that Vick’s out of jail, the Philadelphia Eagles are offering him a second chance

Top 10 NCAA Tournament First Round Upsets

The bands. The buzzer-beaters. The unproductive offices. Must be the start of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. To mark this year’s edition, we scoured the record books to select the 10 best first round upsets in tournament history

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