Sean Gregory

Sean Gregory is a TIME senior writer who has covers sports and society.

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Keeping Score Keeping Score

Top 10 Worst MLB All-Stars

Clueless fans are to blame for the All-Star Game selection of some of these B-teamers, while others benefited from baseball’s requirement that each club supply a warm body. Here are the players who prove that to make baseball’s …

Keeping Score Keeping Score

Top 10 Masters Meltdowns

Golf’s biggest tournament has had no shortage of spectacular performances — but also its fair share of big-time collapses. As this year’s quest for the Green Jacket begins, looks at the most memorable mishaps in Masters history

Keeping Score Keeping Score

The Evolution of Roger Clemens

The greatest pitcher of all-time? Or baseball’s greatest disappointment? We always thought Roger Clemens was a dominant player into his 40s because, well, he just wanted it more than everyone else. But did Clemens’ competitive …

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