Amazing Buzzer Beater Lifts Denver Nuggets Past L.A. Clippers

Randy Foye's last-second shot just might ease some of the post-Super Bowl pain in Colorado

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It would be a severe understatement, perhaps the largest of the nascent sports year, to say that the past weekend was a tough one for Denver fans. After seeing their beloved Broncos take a 43-8 drubbing in the Super Bowl at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks, the city needed a pick-me-up, and fast.

On Monday night, the Denver Nuggets delivered with an epic example of basketball’s greatest play — the buzzer beater. Down 115-113 to the Los Angeles Clippers, with the clock nearly expired, the Nuggets ran what looked like a broken play. We’ll let the tape speak for itself:

“I just rose up and shot it,” guard Randy Foye nonchalantly told the Denver Post¬†about his epic buzzer beater. “Chills went through my body before my teammates jumped on me. It was just an unbelievable feeling.”

Despite the spontaneity of the moment, he didn’t discount its importance. “That’s probably one of the top moments in my playing career,” he said — one that Colorado sports fans surely needed.

While the chance of repeated theatrics are slim, the Nuggets play at home for their next game; perhaps chalk it up to that thin mountain air? Regardless, the Nuggets are now in third place in the Western Conference’s Northwest Division and will host the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday.

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