Major League Baseball Stadiums Will Have Metal Detectors by 2015

It's part of a growing wave of increased security measures in professional sports following last April's Boston Marathon bombing

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Major League Baseball announced new security measures to protect fans at stadiums Tuesday.

The MLB said its 30 teams will have to screen fans with metal detectors at stadium entry points starting in 2015, the Associated Press reports. Teams can pick between hand-held metal detectors or walk-through magnetometers.

The new measures will be in addition to bag checks that are already standard in baseball stadiums, MLB spokesman Michael Teevan said. “This procedure…results from MLB’s continuing work with the Department of Homeland Security to standardize security practices across the game,” he explained.

Last year, several baseball teams, including the New York Mets, Oakland, Pittsburgh and San Francisco, tested fan screening at various points in the season.

Increased focus on security comes after the Boston Marathon bombing in April, which killed three and resulted in several hundred injuries.