A-Rod Doc Says ‘I Personally Injected Him’

More details in doping allegations following suspension

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Alex Rodriguez arrives at Major League Baseball headquarters in New York, Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013.

A doctor who ran a secret doping practice for pro athletes said in an interview Sunday night that he “personally injected” New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez with performance-enhancing drugs.

Anthony Bosch said in the interview with 60 Minutes that Rodriguez was obsessed with using performance-enhancing drugs in order to reach a record-breaking 800 home runs. He currently has 654. Major League Baseball suspended Rodriguez for all of next season after discovering his connection with biogenesis. He was originally set to sit out 211 games, but an arbitrator shortened his suspension to 162 games on Saturday.

Bosch said he used freight elevators to visit Rodriguez and occasionally administer the drugs himself because the baseball player was “scared of needles.” According to Bosch, Rodriguez spent $12,000 per month on the treatments. Bosch also shared text messages he exchanged with Rodriguez about the drugs. “Really good. Explosive,” Rodriguez wrote after a spring training game in April 2012 when he had three RBIs. “Go with the same protocol,” Bosch replied.

Rodriguez, who has said he never took any performance-enhancing drugs while playing for the Yankees, has been fighting the suspension and was set to ask a federal court for an injunction halting it on Monday morning.