TIME Exclusive Sneak Peek: What U.S. Olympic Athletes Will Wear on the Medal Stand

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Courtesy of NIKE

Detail of the Nike Aeroloft 800 Summit Jacket.

Here’s hoping that we’ll be seeing a lot of these outfits once the Olympic Winter Games start in Sochi, Russia in February. Nike gave TIME a preview of the gear that U.S. Olympic medalists will be wearing on the podium.

The down-filled jackets will keep them both warm and dry — they’re equipped with laser cut holes in between the fill to release heat and moisture. The medalists will also be light on their feet; the boots are made from Flyknit thread boosted with wool for warmth.

And even if they don’t make it to the podium, the U.S. delegation will be all about the red, white and blue, thanks to the Opening and Closing Ceremony outfits designed by Ralph Lauren that were made entirely in the U.S.A. after the brouhaha over the uniforms for the London Games being made in China.