Controversy Follows Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to Buffalo Bills Game

After allegedly stealing a fan's seat, Toronto's embattled mayor draws a crowd at Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto city mayor Rob Ford in attendance at the game between the Buffalo Bills and the Atlanta Falcons during the first half at the Rogers Center.

Toronto’s embattled Mayor Rob Ford has never shied away from his love of football. Long before his recent forays into the public eye, Ford’s pass attempt failure during last year’s Grey Cup went viral online, and he wore an old NFL tie to a press conference last month when he admitted smoking crack.

On Sunday, the mayor ventured south of the border to take in the Buffalo Bills—Atlanta Falcons game at Buffalo’s Ralph Wilson Stadium, and the Twitterverse erupted when a fan accused Ford of stealing his seat:

Mays later tweeted that he got his seat back. According to the AP, Ford posed for pictures during halftime, and when the crowd became too large he had to be escorted to a nearby elevator. Sunday’s game may not be the last time we see Ford in a sports stadium; he is reportedly interested in attending the NHL’s outdoor game on New Year’s Day between the Detroit Red Wings and his own Toronto Maple Leafs in Ann Arbor, Michigan.