Newly Renamed New Orleans Pelicans Settle on a Mascot

"Pierre" the Pelican is part of a rebranding effort for the former Charlotte Bobcats

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The basketball team formerly known as the New Orleans Hornets has a new mascot to go along with their name change. The New Orleans Pelicans, who moved from Charlotte more than ten years ago where they were known as the Hornets, are launching a rebranding effort, including unveiling a new mascot, “Pierre” the Pelican.

For their first decade in New Orleans, the NBA team was known as the New Orleans Hornets, keeping the turquoise and purple insect known as “Hugo the Hornet” as their mascot. But in April, the club changed its name to the Pelicans, picked new colors of blue, red and gold, and found a new mascot, a furry yellow pelican with blue trim and a clownish face.

Early reaction online has been mixed, with some bloggers suggesting that Pierre might terrify children and others suggesting the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Birds as a possible tie in.

The Big Easy proffered the “Hornets” name back to Charlotte, who will reclaim the buzzy moniker after this season.

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