Take a Ride on One of the World’s Smallest Cycling Tracks

inside the world of tiny biking

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On March 23, inside a dilapidated church in Brooklyn, fixed gear enthusiasts from around the country rode one of the smallest cycling tracks in the world: The Red Bull Mini Drome. It’s basically a very condensed version of a velodrome – the stadium sized tracks used in professional cycling races.

Red Bull has produced over twenty Mini Drome events around the world. About a thousand people showed up to watch the Brooklyn race. “The riders tonight represent the breadth of cycling culture we have here in New York and around the world. Even if they’re not competing they’re coming here tonight to have a good time and to watch some people go fast and watch some people fall down,” said Austin Horse, professional cyclist and Mini Drome participant.

Watch as cyclists put their bikes and bodies at risk for the right to claim the title of fastest rider in New York City.