Keeping Score

WATCH: The Most Incredible Buzzer-Beater, Like, Ever

A wild ending to a high school basketball game provides a valuable lesson.

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Here’s a valuable sports lesson from this weekend: if your basketball team is winning, chucking the ball up in the air to run off the last few seconds of a game is probably a sound strategy. But chuck it really, really, really high. As high as you can, without hitting a ceiling.

Because what can happen if your toss is half-hearted? Just ask the Mount Vernon (N.Y). High School hoops team. With 2.9 seconds left in a sectional championship game, Mount Vernon had a 60-58 lead over New Rochelle High. New Rochelle had to go the full length of the floor to try to tie, or win, the game. Khalil Edney, also the quarterback for the New Rochelle football team, threw a Hail Mary to half-court. But Mount Vernon’s Jalen David stole the ball, to seemingly clinch the game for the Knights. David threw the ball in the air, but he didn’t throw it high enough. It landed back in Edney’s hands, and Edney hurled an almost three-quarter-court shot with about 0.1 seconds left. The shot went in, hysteria and confusion ensued (did Edney get it off in time?), and finally, the officials ruled that the shot counted, and New Rochelle had won.

It’s all worth watching here: