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WATCH: Stephen Curry Scores 54 Points — An NBA Season High — Against New York Knicks

How the point guard electrified New York City - and the NBA.

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The Golden State Warriors lost to the New York Knicks 109-105 Wednesday night, but no one who watched the game really cared much about the final score; it was Stephen Curry’s scoring that had the internet buzzing. For good reason: the Warriors point guard dropped 54 points — the top individual scoring effort in the NBA this season — in Golden State’s defeat to the Knicks. Curry hit a franchise-record 11 three-pointers, while pulling up on fast-breaks, dribbling around picks, fading away … if basketball was scored on degree of difficulty, Curry may have had a 100.

The game produced some other gaudy numbers: New York’s Carmelo Anthony scored 35 points, center Tyson Chandler grabbed a career-high 28 rebounds, and sixth-man J.R. Smith hit six three-pointers of his own, ending up with 26 points. But Curry’s barrage of long-range bombs overshadowed everything.

After you’ve checked out the highlights above, watch Curry make all eleven three pointers at the (Scroll down). Curry also scored 38 points against the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night. The ascendant Warriors are currently in sixth place in the Western Conference standings, with a five-game cushion on a playoff spot. That’s good news for NBA fans: Curry knows how to put on a show.

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