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So Spain wins on a 1-0 on a double-pooey-ricochette goal, after: a) a totally legitimate Paraguay goal is culled by an imaginary offsides ruling by the linesman (note to FIFA, check this man’s palms for hair growth, because his eye-sight is clearly defective); b) a totally legitimate Paraguay penalty is blocked, but not ordered re-taken after four–FOUR!!!–Spanish players illegally penetrate the box before the ball was struck (note to FIFA: check this referee’s breath; no–blood sample. NOW); c) an iffy Spanish penalty being accorded, missed, then no new peno being whislted when the Para goalie sawed off the incoming Spanish attacker’s legs (note to FIFA: do you take us for total idiots or what?!?!)

The point here is, Spain has now “won” this match–but it’s once again due to (sorry) sub-fecal refereeing that has yet again deformed the outcome of a World Cup match–this time a quarter-final struggle that by all measures but the score was won by the team that “lost”! If anyone can see a reason why this match, too, isn’t day glow proof that football needs video to rid it of vomit-provoking refereeing errors, shout it out. Because I’m now watching Paraguay players who won this match watching Spanish chodes who didn’t flooding their shorts with self-satisfaction.

Good thing I’m not a pessimist who sees evil everywhere, because otherwise I’d start thinking there’s something simply wrong with this pickchur. Eh, picttir. Er, pikchuur. Tonight, Spain deserves Spain, but it’s advancing on in South Africa because…why is it again? Forget it: I’m getting pretty close to not bothering with this sport any more. Bravo Seppie, bravo FIFA. Bravo “referees”. Yuck.

“Got Garbage?”