Awaiting The Anti-Climax

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Sorry, but I hate hate hate hate hate penalty shoot outs, and think they are as equitable a measure for deciding which of two equal sides is better as, say, making the two best rival player strip down stark naked at mid-field then, at the sound of a whistle, see which gets back into his kit faster. (Frankly, I think that solution would boost TV ratings way more than poot-outs). But: What. A. Match. We all know this Cup gets tons less compelling if Ghana goes out (no knock, on Uruguay, but it’s true).  We know both teams played equally well (and, at times, bad) to merit a draw. And some of us will doubt there was justification for the last foul called that allowed the Black Stars to take three blocked shots on goal–including the handed ball that resulted in the missed penalty that shoulda/woulda/coulda sent Ghana through.

But. What. A. Match.

Good luck to both sides in this farce to see who goes through.