Multipolar Dreaming

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Japan’s inspiring play last night (and Tony’s post) have me daring to wish for what in any other Cup would have been the impossible: greatly favored sides being shown the door by  nominally modest rivals. If France and Italy can both go out in disgrace, and the U.S. finish ahead of England, why not hope for (but  not lay lots of money on) Chile sending Spain packing? Stranger (and quite nearly as satisfying) upsets have happened a lot already…

Alas, the seven spot Portugal laid on North Korea makes the possibility of Ronaldo and Co. being shown the door with a resounding loss to Brazil a miracle took far. Still, if the Seleçao respects the game and plays it to the hilt at the same time the Ivory Coast (finally) wakes up, anything could happen. A quartet of goals for Brazil coinciding with Didier Drogba leading his pals on to a five goal rat-a-tat…? A Hail Mary scenario, to be sure, but it has been that kind of Cup so far.