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Sorry, but no: despite an over-zealous red-card of Cahill (versus two well-deserved yellows for Teutonic dives), Australia was more conspicuous in stinking the Durban joint out tonight than Germany was in winning. Yes, four Gs are impressive. But Germany scored that many in their maiden match in 2006 against Costa Rica–who, frankly, were a far more worthy adversary than the Far-Unders tonight–without all the attempted cheating. Oz–despite its World Cup 2010-vintage douchy keeper–didn’t deserve a four-zlich pantsing, but obviously needs focus lessons. It’d be nice to blame the ref (as one had to during Australia’s scandalous loss to eventual Cup winner Italy in the 2006 1-0 quarter-final loss when the referee experienced a truly criminal acid flash-back resulting in an Italian penalty for a foul we’re till trying to identify),  but this time around that’s impossible. Come on cobbers: your side isn’t bad, but you need to stop handing stronger sides the bats to whack you with!