Let’s drop the niceties: that was NOT a great start to the Cup

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With all due apologies to my fellow-blogger Tony Karon and 50 million other South Africans, that a pretty lame start to the tournament.

I know, I know: we’re all meant to celebrate the first game, to be happy for the host nation, to make allowances for the fact that first games are often ties… But set aide these niceties for a moment, and you have to admit it was a rubbish game. Lots of possession (by Mexico) without thrust, followed by thrust with little possession (by South Africa); lots of fumbling in the penalty box (by both teams); sitters missed (ditto); one lucky goal (the first) and one silly goal (the second). More bad passes than I care to recount, and very little intelligent play.

And, at the end, a draw.

Here’s hoping the French and the Uruguayans can produce something more fitting this afternoon.