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Point Guard On the Pitch

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If, for some reason, you’re inclined to turn to websites other than ours for World Cup commentary – and really, why would you be? – here’s one worth looking at:, where two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash will be filing a series of eight video reports from South Africa. Nash, who was born in Johannesburg, is a self-described “football freak” who still plays the game in the off-season: he’s a huge Tottenham Hotspur fan. If Nash’s World Cup work is anything like his NBA Finals coverage for David Letterman last year, viewers should be in for a treat. The guy has deadpan humor down pat. Check it out:


Nash would surely rather be dishing assists in the NBA Finals (the Los Angeles Lakers eliminated his Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference Finals) than interviewing players and fans. But for an entertaining soccer nut like Nash, the World Cup is a pretty nice side gig. For both him and his fans.