90 Seconds With … Rising Ghana Star Stephen Odai

We’ve heard from some of the game’s established players over the course of this World Cup, but what about the names of the future? On the eve of Ghana’s quarter-final against Uruguay, I spoke to a young man striving to make a name for himself and make his family and country proud.

Keeping Score Keeping Score

Taking the Temperature of Little Ghana

The nice part about living in New York City is that you can learn more about American foes, since immigrant fans of every country in the Cup live in the Big Apple. Took a subway ride up to Little Ghana in the Bronx, met some gracious people, passionate fans, and even a guy who will be wearing red, white and blue. Here’s the link.

How to Pick Your World Cup Nation: Look at Its Carbon Emissions

Choosing a World Cup squad to support can be a complicated task, particularly for those, like yours truly, whose country didn’t qualify for the 32-team tournament (India is absent, and will remain so till time immemorial). One nation may play an exciting brand of football, but its leading star could be a contemptible cheat. Or …