Sean Gregory

Sean Gregory is a TIME senior writer who has covered sports extensively over the last decade. He has penned profiles on athletes ranging from LeBron James, Novak Djokovic, Usain Bolt and Eli Manning, and explored issue like football's concussion crisis, and the treatment of young baseball players in the Dominican Republic. Sean has covered the the last four Olympic Games, and filed dispatches from Super Bowls, the NBA Finals, and the World Series for TIME. A native of the Bronx, N.Y., Sean enjoys firing lots of shots in pickup basketball games.

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Keeping Score Keeping Score

Why Qatar is Spending $200 Billion On Soccer

South Africa — a country of some 50 million people — spent around $2.7 billion to stage the 2010 World Cup. Brazil’s 2014 World Cup costs have been rising, and have driven recent mass protests: how can a government pour so much money into sports, when so many citizens lack access to basic health care and education? Brazil has 192

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