Report: NFL Considers Longer Extra-Point Kick

Last season, kickers missed just 5 of 1,267 extra-point attempts.

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Rob Carr / AP

Atlanta Falcons' Matt Schaub holds the ball as Morten Andersen kicks an extra point against the Dallas Cowboys during an NFL game in Atlanta on Dec. 16, 2006

Members of the NFL Competition Committee are reportedly considering a significantly longer distance for extra-point kicks to spice up the game.

With 99.6 percent of kick attempts ending in success—kickers only missed five of 1,267 attempts last season—when the ball is spotted at the 2-yeard line, committee members are in talks to extend the ball placement to as far as the 25-yard line, reports. That would make extra points the equivalent of 42-yard field goals.

Nothing is set in stone. A committee member told that “We could experiment in preseason, but we are not there yet.”