U.S. Falls to Canada in Semi-Final Olympics Hockey Game

Welcome to the most intense matchup in Sochi

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Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

Jonathan Quick #32 of the United States makes a save against Jonathan Toews #16 of Canada in the first period during the Men's Ice Hockey Semifinal Playoff on February 21, 2014 in Sochi, Russia

The United States lost to Canada in the men’s hockey Olympic semifinals on Friday, falling 1-0 just a day after Canada’s women’s hockey team beat the U.S. in overtime to win its fourth-straight Olympic title.

Though it was not the game for the gold medal, many NHL fans watched the semi-final with bated breath as the best players from the league took one another on for their respective countries.

Both teams were unbeaten in this year’s Olympics headed into this game. It was a rematch of a gripping 2010 gold medal game in Vancouver, which Canada won in overtime.

“The intensity is going to be in my opinion just as high as if it’s a gold medal game,” the American forward Zach Parise told the New York Times before the game. American coach Dan Bylsma has called it “the biggest rivalry in hockey.”

This was the 18th time the two countries met during the Winter Olympics games in hockey—more than any other two nations in the world. Canada has now won 12 of those match-ups, and the U.S. has only won three. The other three were ties.

The U.S. will now play Finland for the bronze medal.


If USA could be given a gold medal for being our greatest competitor that pumps us up every time we play, US players wouldn't be able to stand from the weight around their neck. We love the game but you need a great rivalry for great games and USA is the best for Canada as you really do bring out the best in us. That is why our games and the way we play as competitors are the greatest games in the world! I was a little concerned about the speed of the US players and their ability to create opportunities around the net. If it wasn't for your high level of play and competitiveness, we couldn't rise to our highest level.


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The reality is, even most of the players in the NHL are from Canada, and it can really be considered their national sport. In the U.S. its hard to find most hockey games even broadcast on TV, and until the Olympics come about, few people in the U.S. even talk about hockey. Canada deserves to win, and we should congratulate them and stop acting like spoiled babies.


Canada won the game in overtime in 2010. Nice try though!


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