U.S. Skating Body Denies Secret Deal With Russia To Fix Ice Dancing

Claims made in a French newspaper are 'categorically false', says U.S. Figure Skating

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U.S. Figure Skating has denied allegations it struck a backroom deal with Russia to fix the Sochi Olympics’ Feb. 17 ice dance results in favor of an American couple.

An anonymous Russian coach was quoted in the French newspaper L’Equipe claiming the United States and Russia agreed to let Team USA’s Meryl Davis and Charlie White win the ice dance gold, and Russia win both pairs and the team event. U.S. Figure Skating, the sport’s national governing body, rejected the claims as “categorically false,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

“Comments made in a L’Equipe story are categorically false,” U.S. Figure Skating said in a statement. “There is no ‘help’ between countries. We have no further response to rumors, anonymous sources or conjecture.” A spokesperson for the International Skating Union said in an email to the L.A. Times Saturday, “The ISU does not react to allegations without evidence.”

Allegations of score-fixing at the ice dancing competition at the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002 led the International Skating Union to revamp the entire scoring and judging system to prevent score trading.


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Keep denying it you DISHONEST MORALLY CORRUPT CHEATERS!!! The whole world can see it unfolding before our eyes...

Petri Kokko @coccco 18h
@kwanette Timing, crispness and character. Davis and White were brilliant in the team event, but not tonight.

Petri Kokko @coccco 19h
I don't understand the judging in #icedancing. @Virtue_Moir should be leading in my honest opinion. #finnstep #Sochi2014

Petri Kokko @coccco 19h
Hope @Virtue_Moir wins. Americans timing off in the #finnstep and restrained even otherwise.


There have always been allegations of "fixing" in sports, and the Olympics are no exception.  

While the allegation in this article has about as much evidence as NJ Gov. Chris Christie causing "Bridgegate," I'd say the bigger story was Ashley Wagner making the Olympic team despite an inferior 4-minute qualifying performance.  She fell multiple times, and was very awkward to watch.  Yet, despite being ranked lower, she still made it.  

The official reason was that her international competition record was stronger, but I strongly suspect back-room politics played a large role in securing her placement on the team.


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