Tiny Beds and No WiFi: Welcome to Sochi!

Dirty water, unfinished hotels, and other inconveniences taint many travelers' arrival at Sochi for the Winter Games

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While Olympic athletes got stuck with toy-sized beds and bizarre communal toilets in Sochi, at least their rooms were finished in time for their arrival. Meanwhile, journalists from around the globe have been complaining about everything from dirty water to no internet in their rooms.

On Monday, Sochi organizers tried to downplay the severity of the delays, claiming that 97 percent of the rooms were finished and that 3 percent needed a final cleaning, according to the Guardian. They added that the constructions delays would not affect athlete lodging. However, as one reporter Stephen Whyno pointed out, the Canadian Men’s Hockey team is unlikely to be impressed with their Soviet-style hotel rooms. Nor are athletes likely to enjoy getting to know each other on a whole new level in one of the communal bathrooms at the Olympic Biathlon Centre.

Despite numerous complaints about lodging, some athletes said they were happy with their accommodations in the Olympic Village. “We’ve just been impressed with the facilities so far,” American speed skater Chris Creveling told NPR. “Everything has been up to our standards.”

Take a look for yourself and see if you agree: