ESPN Draws Fire Over Reporter’s Reaction to Kevin Durant Thanking God

Twitter responds with outrage after perceived slight

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An ESPN reporter’s response after Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant thanked God for his team’s victory over the Miami Heat on Wednesday has drawn harsh criticism from the Twitter-sphere.

After the Thunder beat the Heat, ESPN reporter Doris Burke asked Durant about his particularly strong play of late. Wednesday night marked the 12th consecutive game in which Durant scored more than 30 points.

“Thank God, that’s all I can say. Jesus Christ,” Durant said.

Burke laughed. “You didn’t have nothing to do with it?”

“No. It’s all Him,” Durant said.

Some Twitter users responded with outrage and sometimes vitriol, many taking offense at Burke’s perceived scoff at the notion that an NBA player would credit God for his prowess. Some even called for the reporter to lose her job over the incident.

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