George W. Bush to Villainized Alabama Kicker: ‘You Will Be a Stronger Human With Time’

The former president sent a note of encouragement to Alabama's kicker after the loss to Auburn

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University of Alabama kicker Cade Foster received a surprise letter of encouragement on Wednesday: a hand-written note from former President George W. Bush.

In the days after Alabama’s stunning loss to Auburn, where Foster went 0-3 for field goals, the Crimson Tide’s kicker received death threats from disgruntled fans and words of encouragement from his teammates. On Wednesday, he received a note from former President George W. Bush telling him to hang in there.

“Dear Cade (#43),” the former president wrote, “Life has its setbacks. I know! However, you will be a stronger human with time.” Bush, the 43rd President, signed the note, “Sincerely – Another 43.”

Foster tweeted a photo of the note on Wednesday:

While the loss to Auburn knocked Alabama out of contention for its third straight national title, the Crimson Tide will play No. 11 Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl on January 2.


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