Riot Erupts in Brazil as Soccer Season Ends

Two fans seriously injured during melee just months before country hosts World Cup

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Policemen fire rubber bullets as they help an Atletico Paranaense fan during clashes between Vasco da Gama soccer fans and Atletico Paranaense fans at their Brazilian championship match in Joinville in Santa Catarina state December 8, 2013.

With the 2014 World Cup in Brazil just months away, the nation’s soccer season ended on Sunday with bloodshed and police firing volleys of rubber bullets at enraged supporters.

Players called on fans to restrain themselves as fights erupted in the stands during a match between Atletico Paranaense and Vasco da Gama. According to the Associated Press, two people sustained serious injuries during the melee, which resulted in the police calling in a helicopter to airlift a wounded spectator.

“We looked at the stands and there were no cops. There was nobody there to stop the fighting,” Atletico Paranaense defender Luiz Alberto told the AP. Officials stopped the match for more than one hour, allowing police to the bring the crowd to heel.



I'm brazilian and supporter of Atletico-PR. Yesterday was at the stadium during this terrible event. I know, strong images, but please do not condemn all brazilians and latinos and all fans here. Unfortunately, in Brazil there are many criminals, and they also attend the stadiums and it is they who engage in such fights. This game took place in a small town where you can walk relatively safe on the streets as in many places in the world. 95% of people in the stadium were families, parents and children, and they were outraged, and shouted "vergonha", meaning "shame", and cheered when the police entered and started throwing these criminals fans. Other side, it happens in all world, infortunatelly. Check it in Youtube "soccer hooligans", "basketball" or "handball" hooligans, and you'll see these behavior in many countries of "first world", like England, Sweden Germany, Netherlands, etc.


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