Rutgers Football Player Quits After Alleged Bullying By Defensive Coach

Seven months after controversial firing of men's basketball coach Mike Rice for bullying

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Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

The Rutgers football team on November 2, 2013 in Piscataway, New Jersey.

A Rutgers football player quit the team, alleging his defensive coach verbally abused and bullied him in a spring study hall session, leading to unfair treatment during the season.

Defensive back Jevon Tyree and his parents are seeking disciplinary action from the university against defensive coordinator Dave Cohen, reports. Tyree has accused Cohen of using profanity and threatening to head-butt him in front of teammates and an academic adviser, who reported the incident. Cohen was reprimanded by the school, and apologized the day after the incident.

The redshirt freshman, on a scholarship, quit the team Nov. 6 after alleging Cohen treated him unfairly as a result of the incident.

The incident comes seven months the controversial firing of the university’s men’s basketball coach Mike Rice for bullying his players, and on the heels of the Miami Dolphins’ Richie Incognito hazing of Jonathan Martin.

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While teaching many of the star female basketball athletes at Rutgers Public Speaking, class which meets once a week, I was sent a communication from the Rutgers President's office stating I should be understanding regarding their absences due to being in the finals. This occurred during the Imus controversy. Showing compassion for these students, I did not penalize them for their absences. When recently told at a meeting that I had to give my students 20%A's, 20% C's and D's, and the remaining grades B's, I refused. A student should get the grade they deserve. I started teaching at Rutgers in 1990 and I believe because I refused the departments instructions on grading I was not rehired. IN my opinion I was bullied and harassed by members of the communications dept. Not only are students bullied but so are teachers, especially non tenured adjuncts as I was.Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg





As many of you are aware my difficulties with Rutgers began within the last two
years when I was told at a meeting that there is a guideline for grade
distribution in the Speech and Communication dept: 20%A's , 20% ,D,F, and the
rest B's and C's. This was denied by the department even though I heard it
twice. I felt a student deserved the grade they earned, not what they told me to
give and I refused to follow the grade guideline. Today one of my former Rutgers
students provided me with a grade distribution guideline for the Dept of
Accounting and Informatino systems at Rutgers.  I have the syllabus: A 12.5%, B+ 10%, B20%,C+15%,C 27.5%, D 10%, F 5%.  This grade distribution concept hold through Rutgers  with variation.
. It is worth investigating.  I have been telling the truth.
Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg


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