Football Coach Accused of Bullying Following Embarrassing Rout

Coach says he tried his hardest to rein in team

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Bob Booth / AP

Aledo High School football coach Tim Buchanan watches from the sideline during the second half of a game against Highland Park, in Allen, Texas.

There are dominant performances on the gridiron and then there’s beating a team 91-0. Despite benching his team’s starters after 21 plays, sticking to a restrained ground game and running out the clock, the high school football coach who marshaled his players in the commanding victory is being accused by an angry parent from the losing side of bullying.

“I’ve sat and gone over and over and over it on what we could have done differently,” the winning coach Tim Buchanan, from Fort Worth’s Aledo High School, told the AP. “The score could have very easily been 150 to nothing.”

While there’s no doubt Buchanan handed the opposing team a punishing loss, the coach will be placed under official investigation in accordance with state law to see if he indeed acted with malicious intent as his second-string benchwarmers ran the ball up the middle time and time again.



The "nobody loses and everybody gets a trophy" attitude has nothing to do with left-wing.  You see that crap on both sides.  The only correlation I see there is whether the parents themselves did something competitive when growing up.  If they did not, they don't understand that losing (sometimes badly) is part of the game, and a useful lesson.

The real failure here was not having the losing team in the right division; a failing of the state's school sports regulating organism.


this is ridiculous. running up the middle repeatedly is the best way to not run up the score short of taking a knee the entire game. people need to get over it. i've been on the receiving end of an 80 point loss. it sucks but who cares? i'd rather lose by 80 than have someone take it easy on me and only beat me by 20. the left-wing pussification of america continues, great jobs libbies


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