Government Shutdown Jeopardizes College Football

Air Force, Navy and Army academy games could be nixed this weekend

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Matt Slocum / AP

Navy players celebrate after a touchdown during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Army

The Department of Defense on Tuesday temporarily suspended all sports competitions at military service academies thanks to the government shutdown.

That means that the Air Force vs. Navy and Army vs. Boston College football games could be suspended this weekend, the Associated Press reports.

Pentagon lawyers are reviewing the suspension to determine whether funds used for these activities are part of congressional appropriations that expired when the shutdown started Tuesday morning.

The Navy vs. Howard soccer match that was scheduled for Tuesday night has already been called off. The U.S. Naval Academy said in a statement that it will decide Thursday whether the Midshipman can play this weekend.



No federal employees have been furloughed at the Obamacare Exchanges. It seems that Obama and Reid can find and abundance of taxpayer money when they want to.


Why not shut down all college football to save government money?  That's bound to get national attention and make senate start acting.


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