Nyad to Meet With Skeptics of Her Cuba-to-Florida Swim

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Diana Nyad, whose record-breaking swim from Cuba to Florida earned her overnight fame last week, will meet with members of the long-distance swimming community who have raised questions about the truth of her claims, the Associated Press reports.

Nyad will meet Tuesday with “her peers in the swimming community,” said a spokesperson.

Fueled by data from the GPS tracking of her swim, critics speculate that the 64-year-old endurance swimmer may have received mechanical assistance or gotten into her team’s boat midway through the swim. At times during her 53-hour swim Nyad appeared to reach a sprinting pace, according to the AP, a result that Nyad’s team attributes to favorable currents.

The GPS data from Nyad’s swim will be turned over to three “open-water swimming associations” and the Guinness World Records for verification, says the AP.

[The Associated Press]


How were there not outside observers during something like this?  I'm not doubting her but why allow the possibility for these questions? 


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