The Big Dance: NCAA Basketball Players Do Ballet

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It’s called “The Big Dance,” for a reason, though this might not be exactly what the NCAA had in mind. Basketball and ballet are more similar than one may think. Both require years of practice, skill and…pointe shoes? March Madness might be making us crazy, but it seems this year’s athletes came ready to dance in more ways than one.

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This is a website to a very popular basketball application. The application consists of 140+ drills and 16 workouts. Has every type of shooting drill you can imagine. The best part about it is all the drills are ment to be done by yourself. No partner needed. 

It really is an amazing set of basketball drills, i recommend it to all my players and anyone who wants to become a better basketball player.


Of course ballet will help any athlete to jump higher, run faster, and stretch longer.  It coordinates and refines fine motor skills, improves dynamic balance and spacial awareness.  BUT you must find a teacher who is not eager to make the males dancers into a cavalier for their Nutcracker production, and understands anatomy and kinesiology.

Following in the footsteps of many great athletes, one of my ballet teachers started ballet lessons to improve his football game, while playing for Alabama.  He decided ballet was more challenging and pursued that career after his football seasons ended.  Not only was he physically able to outmaneuver most of his peers, he created a career in dance  that lasted a lifetime, something that most athletes cannot claim.

Now I pass along his courage and our inspiration to my students and maybe to YOU!


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