Dad Catches Foul Ball While Holding Baby

Did we mention it was a barehanded catch?

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Witness one of the most impressive fathering moments of all time: In the sixth inning of the Atlanta’s 4-1 loss to Chicago on Monday, the Cubs’ Alfonso Soriano fouled a ball up the first baseline and into the stands. A dad holding a baby in his right arm skillfully snagged the foul ball out of the air while still maintaining control of both child and baseball. Really, he hardly even jostled the child. What’s more, he made the catch barehanded. Impressive.

The dad does lose some points for a lack of family cohesion: Mother and child are sporting Cubs gear, but the dad is wearing a Braves jersey. The wife doesn’t seem to mind though — she’s just psyched that her husband caught the ball without dropping their kid on its head. Even Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons had to applaud such a feat.

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Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar

yeah .. instead if he hurt the baby , while attempting this  .. everyone would be saying what a stupid irresponsible reckless and immature father he was.

I think he is such .. cause you gotta be a real patented chimp to think trying to catch a ball is worst risking to injury your baby .. possibly for life  imagine him falling and injuring one eye of the baby.

That is really stupid and it is even more so to praise him for being cool


No compliments here ... yeah yeah cool and stupid


Enjoyable but with concern! As the child was in his hand so it might be something worse while doing this act so I think he could left the ball away for the safety of his kid. Good luck!

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ive played baseball for years and catching a ball bare hand is hard to do without holding the kid .


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