Top 10 Worst Stadiums in the U.S.

The ailing, collapse-prone Metrodome in Minneapolis is long overdue for a replacement, and recent action by the Minnesota legislature could soon make that a reality. But before it's gone, TIME takes a look at the worst sports arenas in the country.

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Proof of the pudding! Prima facie evidence Exhibit A-1. 

(A) The venue stunk and so was in violation of the lease for over ten years before the Rams could get the hell out of there (B) The fans there KNEW this to be the case, the city knew it, the state knew it, and none of them did anything to fix it before they ran out of time.

St Loser, NOT a major sports city!


where is the toilet? aka, soldier field?


"and don’t even get people started on trying to drive to the stadium. "

This is a dumb reason to bash a stadium. "Oh noes, it's located in a nice, walkable neighbourhood". 

That's a GOOD thing.


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