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Fantasy Football Fever: The Most Obsessed Cities in America

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Get a life, Green Bay.

We kid, cheeseheads. But according to soon-to-be-released data compiled by Yahoo! Sports, Green Bay is the NFL city whose residents are most obsessed with fantasy football. According to the company, 1 in 29 Green Bay residents play fantasy football on Yahoo! (the actual total number of fantasy players is higher, since people can sign up for fantasy through a host of other websites, such as and

This result is not a surprise. Green Bay, the smallest market in all major U.S. professional team sports, has an intensely loyal fan base. People are signing up so they can draft their local icon, quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who led the Pack to the Super Bowl title last season.

Plus, it’s nippy up north. What else do fans have to do but troll the web for tight-end statistics?

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Cincinnati came in second (1 in 31 people playing), while Minneapolis-St. Paul was the third-most obsessed NFL city (1 in 32). The bottom of the list was more intriguing. New York, befitting its “better-than-thou” image, finished 30th, in last place. Only 1 in 77 New Yorkers are Yahoo! players. (“Ooooo, look at us, we’re haughty New Yorkers, and we’re too cultured for fantasy football.”)

The NFL cities in Florida – Jacksonville (25th), and Tampa (28th) and Miami (29th) – finished near the bottom, which somewhat surprised NewsFeed, since the Sunshine State loves its football. Maybe the warm weather is gives residents more options.

Or maybe Floridians are too busy freaking out about the college game.

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The Best NFL Cities for Fantasy Football

1.       Green Bay (1 in 29 people play)

2.       Cincinnati (1 in 31)

3.       Minneapolis-St. Paul (1 in 32)

4.       Indianapolis (1 in 33)

5.       Kansas City (1 in 33)

6.       Washington, D.C. (1 in 34)

7.       San Diego (1 in 34)

8.       Baltimore (1 in 35)

9.       Buffalo (1 in 37)

10.   Pittsburgh (1 in 38)

The Bottom Five

26.   Phoenix (1 in 54)

27.   Atlanta (1 in 55)

28.   Tampa (1 in 61)

29.   Miami (1 in 70)

30.   New York (1 in 77)

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