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Dude, Where’s My Soccer?

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What, no soccer today? Or tomorrow? Boo. American fans have gotten used to their daily, crack-like football fix. We want to waste away those work hours watching Uruguay and Paraguay and whatever other South American team is going to win today. It’s 10 AM Eastern? There should be a game on. It’s 2:30 P.M? Where’s my game? Sorry, Wimbledon won’t cut it this year.

The World Cup is like March Madness. Yes, as you move further along in the tournament, the games become more important. But as teams get eliminated, there are fewer games, and that’s a letdown. The party feels like it’s coming to a close.

So to help fill this annoying two-day gap between the Round of 16 and quarterfinals, here are a random sample of World Cup-related videos worth checking out.

Top 10 World Cup Goals, from ESPN

Yes, a Maradona-cam!! The feisty Argentina coach does some nice yelling at the 3:10 and 6:00 marks. At least check out the stuff from 8:00 on, after a couple of Argentina goals. Imagine Maradona’s madness if Argentina wins this thing.

And if you’re an American soccer fan who likes bittersweet feelings, just give this clip one more look.