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Top 10 NFL Draft Flameouts

The NFL Draft, which begins on Saturday in New York City, is now one of the most eagerly anticipated sports events of the year. Here are TIME's ten biggest NFL draft flops of all-time.

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Let's add another....another Redskin Quarterback....RGIII....what a bomb...he blew-out his surgically previously reconstructed knee in the Divisional Playoff game vs. the Seahawks when he shouldn't have even have been playing as he had aggravated the injury he had suffered in college in the final weeks of his rookie season in 2012. The result he was never the same again. Without that burst of speed, after the injury, he just became a below average picket passer And I stress BELOW average! What a waste of draft picks ....RG ME, is my nomination for all time flame-outs!


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